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Territorial Aggression in Dogs. Male Dog Marking Territory

When dogs see people or other dogs near their territory, they get the urge to pursue because they perceive them as a threat. They adopt the stance of a guard dog and will bark, even growl at passers-by. It is possible that these dogs lack socialization. The urge to "manage" the territory is related to the pursuit of a stimulus - the letter carrier, for example. The problem can occur as much when the master is at home as when he is absent. Obviously, the problem will occur more often when the master is absent, as he is not there to control the dog. The protective behavior must be decreased by desensitising the dog to the stimuli, and by correcting any attempt to chase.

Predatory Dog instincts

Some dogs leave their territory to attack a pedestrian or another animal, such as a cat or a bird. A dog that catches its prey could bite it, kill it, and bring it home. The dog must follow procedure to counter chasing. The urge to chase must be countered by reprogramming his reactions. This behavior is very difficult to modify, as predatory instincts are very strong in dogs. It is dangerous to allow a dog to chase vehicles, people or other animals, since the dog has a tendency to bite the object of his chase The dog possesses a very strong instinct whether to defend his territory, direct a herd of sheep, or to follow a moving target. His instincts can sometimes push him to make aggressive moves, such as snapping, growling or biting. The animal must be prevented from acting this way right from the start. The master must develop the ability to anticipate faulty behavior and recreate problem situations, with the collaboration of "drivers" and "joggers". If said situations are recreated within prepared sessions, the training will be improved by showing the dog that chasing is not acceptable behavior in a human's world.

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