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Types of Dog Toys, Chew Stuffed or plush.


Busy Buddy KONG Dog Toys and more

is a new line of chew toys for dogs, designed to "keep your pet busy with good things to chew!" Each Busy BuddyTM toy is made with a different and unique chewing experience in mind and helps redirect potentially destructive chewing behavior into positive playtime. We've had a ton of fun developing these Busy BuddyTM toys - but not nearly as much fun as our dogs have had testing them! We guarantee your dog won't be able to resist either.
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Our new Busy Buddy toys are designed to keep your pet busy with good things to chew!" Each one is made with a different and unique chewing experience in mind and helps redirect potentially destructive chewing behavior into positive playtime. We have had a ton of fun developing these toys – but not nearly as much fun as our dogs have had testing them! We guarantee your dog will not be able to resist either. This patented toy unscrews for easy loading of treats and fast clean up. The adjustable opening allows for a variety of treats from peanut butter to cheese bits to kibble. Best of all, the opening can be adjusted wider for easier access to treats or close it down for longer playtime. Dishwasher safe.

Twist 'n' Treat
Twist 'n' Treat -- Small $6.98
Twist 'n' Treat -- Medium $9.98
Twist 'n' Treat -- Large $14.98


The chuckle

Shake for funky sound to perk up playtime! The ChuckleTM is a funky noisemaker combined with our Treat MeterTM which means added hours of fun.

Sizes: One size only. Price $8.98

The Waggle

Has a super flexible middle that allows the toy to be playfully "wagged" and shaken back and forth. Treat MeterTM randomly dispenses treats for kibble-loving pooches. Super flexible middle for super interactive play.


The Waggle
The Waggle -- Small $6.98
The Waggle -- Medium/Large $8.98

Dog Biscuit Bouncer

Solid, natural rubber footballs for incredible durability and unpredictable bounce. Red footballs float and are great for regular chewers, while the black footballs are extra tough for extreme chewers. Features our patented Treat Trapper TM, which firmly grips and holds a variety of treats, gradually releasing them as your dog chews.

Dog Biscuit Bouncer
Purple Football - Biscuit Bouncer - Small $4.48
Purple Football - Biscuit Bouncer - Medium $6.48
Purple Football - Biscuit Bouncer - Large $11.98
Black Football - Biscuit Bouncer - Large $12.48


The natural shapes, colors and textures of these toys really spark canine instincts. These toys keep dogs interested and engaged for extended play time.
  • Great for tug and toss or alone play
  • Durable, heavyweight fabric
  • Self healing squeaker in body
  • Sparks a dog's natural instincts
  • 4 fun styles
Frisky Francesca Fox


Frisky Francesca Fox - Small $8.98
Frisky Francesca Fox - Medium $9.98

Robby Rabbit


Robby Rabbit - Small $8.98
Robby Rabbit - Medium $9.98
Robby Rabbit - Large $12.98

Sneaky Squeaky Skunk


Sneaky Squeaky Skunk - Medium $9.98

Rascally Randy Raccoon


Rascally Randy Raccoon - Medium $9.98

Sneaky Squeaky Squirrel


Sneaky Squeaky Squirrel - Small $8.98
Sneaky Squeaky Squirrel - Medium $9.98
Sneaky Squeaky Squirrel - Large $12.98
Sneaky Squeaky Squirrel - X-Large $17.98

Fuzzy Puppy Dog Toys

Eye catching, fun colors in friendly shapes for puppies or dogs under 20 lbs. Durable, color-fast acrylic and self-sealing squeakers.


Fuzzy Puppy Toys
Fuzzy Puppy Ted $5.82
Fuzzy Puppy Bone $5.82
Fuzzy Braided Tug $8.24

Tennis Tails Dog Toy

Combine two all-time favorite canine toys-a tennis ball toy and a plush toy-into one terrific time!

  • Tough double-wall tennis ball
  • Self healing squeaker in the tail
  • Slobber-free fun
  • 3 sizes, 3 styles for the perfect match
  • Sparks a dog's natural instincts
Fox Tails


Fox Tail - Tiny $4.98
Fox Tail - Small $5.98
Fox Tail - Medium $8.98
Fox Tail - Large $10.98

Raccoon Tails


Raccoon Tail - Tiny $4.98
Raccoon Tail - Small $5.98
Raccoon Tail - Medium $8.98

Squirrel Tails


Squirrel Tail - Tiny $4.98
Squirrel Tail - Small $5.98
Squirrel Tail - Medium $8.98
Squirrel Tail - Large $10.98

Fido’s FavoritesTM Faux Sheepskin

faux sheepskin, camel shag and bright acrylic toys No dog’s toy box should be without these timeless classics! Bones, balls, teds and tugs in a variety of sizes, plus other fun shapes. High-quality, durable fabrics, self-sealing squeakers.Zoom

Faux Sheepskin
Faux Sheepskin Ted - Small $6.50
Faux Sheepskin Ted - Medium $9.16
Faux Sheepskin Ted - Large $12.66
Faux Sheepskin Bone - Small $5.90
Faux Sheepskin Bone - Medium $7.90
Faux Sheepskin Bone - Large $12.24
Faux Sheepskin Bone - Monster $14.98
Faux Sheepskin Ball - Small $5.55
Faux Sheepskin Ball - Medium $12.42
Faux Sheepskin Tug - Small $5.60
Faux Sheepskin Tug - Medium $9.88
Faux Sheepskin Flippy Disc - Small $3.98
Faux Sheepskin Flippy Disc - Medium $5.50
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Leather Leashes
Gentle Spray No Bark
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