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How to teach your dog to walk on leash. Leash walking.

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The security and the well being of the puppy depend on you. You should never let the dog run freely if it is not under surveillance and in a protected environment.
If you already have your puppy trained to sit and lie down on the leash and to walk next to you off the leash, you may teach your dog to walk on the leash but without pulling it.
1. Begin by training it at home. Let the puppy watch and smell the leash. Then attach it to its collar that should be well adjusted, but without pressing too much, make it comfortable.
2. With your puppy on your left, hold a treat and the leash with your right hand. Your left hand should also hold the leash that will be loose. Order the puppy to sit.
3. Begin walking, starting with your left foot. When the puppy begins walking next to you, give it the order "next to me". If the dog takes the lead, move your left hand to the collar and softly pull backwards from it, repeat it a couple of times.
4. When the puppy stays next to you, give it the prize and say "good". Then order it to sit and repeat "good" when it does it. When the puppy obeys the sequence of orders, gradually increase the distance.
5. When a puppy is capable to walk next to you and obediently sits while you go from one room to the other, you can teach to turn to the right. Guide it with the right hand while you give the "next to me" order.
6. In order to get the puppy to turn to the left, walk faster keeping the food in front of the puppy's snout to make it walk slower. Keep the puppy next to your left leg and give it the "go on" order when it begins to slow down on its way.
If it climbs by the leash
If the puppy tries to jump to your face or climbs by the leash, say "NO" or "OUT" in a strong way. Get aside, tell it to sit and start the exercise again from the beginning.
At first, don't train it when you take it out for a walk, it is very probable that it will get distracted. Train it at home and then do it in less quiet places.
If the dog pulls the leash
Neither you nor the dog should get distracted. Don't shout at it. With the rebel dogs use the head leash.
If the puppy denies moving, encourage it softly and with patience, showing the dog one of its sound toys.
Don't pull the dog or get mad. Gain its confidence.

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