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Dog Harness
Nylon Leashes
Gentle Spray
Designer Leashes

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Illuminated / High Visibility Dog Collars

Dog CollarsAmigloTMIlluminated / high visibility Collar

Your Best Friend's... best friend at night!

Amiglo Dog Collars are reflective and pulse with a brilliant, blue light visible from 360 degrees and up to 1/4 mile away at night. Amiglo Dog Collars operate up to 100 hours using two "AAA" alkaline batteries and are rugged yet lightweight, weather resistant and fully adjustable to fit most dogs..

Amiglo Illuminated Dog Collars

Amiglo Illuminated Collars
Size Price Color: Order Now
12" - 19"
15" - 24"

Reflective Dog Collars & Nylon Dog Collars

Dog CollarsKeepsafeTM Break-away Collar

prevent strangulation accidents

Did you know thousands of dogs are injured or strangled by their collars every year? The most frequently reported collar accidents happen as two dogs are playing, around fences and decks, in crates and kennels, on heating and cooling vents and on shrubs and branches.

Nylon Dog Collars
Reflective Dog CollarsDesigned to prevent dogs from getting entangled by their collars,the KeepSafe Collar has a patented break-away safety buckle that releases when pressure is applied.

To walk your dog with this collar, just override the safety buckle by attaching the leash to the two D rings.

Nylon Dog Collars

Keepsafe Break-away Collars
Size Width: Price Color: Order Now
Small 3/4" $15.99
Medium $15.99
Large 1" $15.99
X-Large 1" $15.99

Reflective Dog Collars & Break Away Dog Collar

Reflective Dog CollarsAlong with the safety buckle on this collar, you have the added reflective strip that reflects lights from cars and glows in the dark to keep your dog safe after dark.

Collars should fit comfortably.Measure your dog's neck +1 inch.For proper fit, adjust the metal slide to allow two fingers between the collar and the dog's neck.

Reflective Break-away Collars
Size Width: Price Color: Order Now
Medium 1" $19.98
Large 1" $19.98

Designer Quick Snap Collars Leash
That makes ours the best? Soft nylon in 25 colors, contoured quick release snap and unmistakable Premier workmanship.
Reflective Dog Collars

Quick Snap Collars

Quick Snap Dog Collars
Size Width: Price Color: Order Now
Petite 3/8" $4.28
Small $4.68
Medium $5.48
Large 1" $6.58
X-Large 1" $6.98
Remote Dog Training
Leather Leashes
Gentle Spray No Bark
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