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Anti-Bark Dog Collars

The Most Effective and Humane Solution to Nuisance Barking! Twice as Effective as Electric Shock collars! No Shock and No Pain! You can use an Anti Barking dog collar Be nice to your dog...

The Gentle Spray TM Anti-Bark Collar is the most humane and effective nuisance barking solution. It delivers a harmless burst of citronella to interrupt your dog's barking. Twice as effective as electric shock!

Each Kit Contains: Anti-Bark Device (weighs approximately 2.5 oz. and can be worn by dogs 6 lbs. and over), Adjustable Nylon Collar, One Citronella Refill, Two 6-Volt Alkaline Batteries and Detailed Instructions.


Here's how this No Bark Dog Collars stops barking:
The Gentle Spray TM Anti-Bark Collar uses patented technology to deliver a harmless burst of citronella spray that interrupts your dog's barking. The spray works with four of your dog's five senses; he hears it, sees it, feels it and smells it. Citronella is a unique scent that most dogs don't normally encounter. It's non offensive to humans, yet unusual enough to distract your dog from whatever he's barking at.
Why the GentleSray is better:
Shock collars attempt to reduce barking with pain. In addition to being less effective, the pain they cause may increase anxiety and aggression, and even make some behavior problems worse. And although the discomfort caused by ultra-sonic collars is not as severe as the pain of electrical shock, behavior experts observe only one-fourth the success rate as with the Gentle Spray TM Anti-Bark Collar.
When to use:
The Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar can be used with any breed of dog that weighs 6 lbs. or more and is at least 6 months old. (If your dog is smaller or younger, please check first with your veterinarian.) It is ideal for controlling general nuisance barking, both indoors and outdoors. It is not recommended for anxiety-related barking unless specifically directed by a behavior professional.
Quick Tips - Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar
Filling the Anti-Bark Device:
Filling the device is similar to putting air in a tire - you shouldn't hear hissing sounds and shouldn't be getting spray outside the unit.
It takes about 30 seconds to completely fill the device. Count to 30 slowly while holding the can firmly in place.
When full, the reservoir contains about 23 sprays. Each Refill Can contains about 300 sprays. You cannot overfill the device - the pressure in the can and device will equalize.
Adjusting the Collar Strap:
The device should be positioned so that the spray is directed frontward under the jaw. Allow 1" to 1 ˝" inches of slack in the collar - this will allow gravity to keep the unit centered under the jaw (approximately 1-2 fingers under the back of the collar strap). It is not necessary for the collar to be tight - the device uses a microphone to detect sound rather than physical vibrations.
When installing the battery, be certain that the positive and negative ends are properly aligned. See "+" and "-" symbols inside battery compartment. Always remove the battery when the collar is not in use in order to prolong battery life. (The microphone will be in continual "listening" mode whenever the battery is in the unit.)
Dog Training Tips:
Most dogs will respond immediately to the Gentle SprayTM Anti-Bark Collar with a dramatic decrease or complete cessation of nuisance barking. Your dog will bark and receive a burst of spray; he may make one or two more attempts at barking, but in most cases will then give up for quite a while. Occasionally, some dogs have a very high motivation to bark excessively, and additional attention may be needed in these situations.
It is important to understand a basic principle of the learning theory: Rewarding any behavior will strengthen that behavior and increase the likelihood of it being repeated. Typically, a dog will bark at the stimulus of a garbage truck, mail carrier or another dog walking past your house. From your dog's point of view, he barks at the "intruder" and his barking "works" - the intruder goes away! In your dog's mind, he is being "rewarded" for his barking. Therefore, the barking behavior is strengthened. For these dogs, it is important that they not be able to "beat the system".
We recommend that you first begin using the collar when you will be home for a couple of days in a row. Fill the unit completely. Be sure to monitor the times or situations when your dog usually engages in prolonged barking episodes (even better, see if you can set up a situation, such as a neighbor driving a truck into your driveway or a friend ringing the doorbell). If your dog persists in barking through repeated sprays, pay close attention to the number of sprays emitted. If the number approaches 15, remove the collar and refill the unit. It is important that your dog is not allowed to empty the spray device, especially during the initial use of the collar. If you allow your dog to empty the spray device, he will learn that persistence in barking has a "reward" - no more spray. For true "die-hard" barkers it may take up to 2-3 cans of the refill to fully control the behavior and establish a quiet response to the various stimuli.
DO NOT yell at or scold your dog when he is barking - this will only make matters worse. For some dogs and some people, even "negative" attention is better than no attention at all. Instead, totally ignore him while he is barking - that means don't talk to him, touch him, or make eye contact. However, as soon as he has stopped barking, immediately REWARD this quiet behavior with verbal praise, petting, food treats, or anything else your dog really likes. Consistently reward the quiet behavior you wish to strengthen. Ignore the barking and the collar will say "no" for you.

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