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Spray Commander Dog Training Collars

Remote Dog Training Collar by Spray CommanderTM

The Most Humane and Effective Remote Controlled Tool for Modifying Your Pet's Behavior!

With an easy-to-use remote control, owners can deliver a harmless burst of citronella spray to disrupt unwant-ed behavior and a tone reward for positive reinforcement. Ideal for correcting behavior problems such as digging, counter surfing, trash raiding or chasing cars.

How this Training Dog Collar works:

The Spray Commander® Remote Trainer has 2 components; a spray device and a hand- held remote control unit. It uses a harmless spray to modify your dog's behavior and a remote tone reward for positive reinforcement. You can use this product to deter them from such behaviors as digging, getting into the trash, chasing cars, stealing food from the counter, running away from you, etc.
The citronella spray technology involves no pain, and its unique formula works on four of your pet's five senses; he hears it, feels it, sees it and smells it. The remote control has 3 settings, which allows you to train your pet through reward - not punishment. The #1 button releases a tone to encourage your pet to repeat the desired behavior. Initially the tone means nothing to your pet, but after it is repeated pairing the tone with a reward or treat, the pet is "conditioned" to find the tone rewarding. The tone can be used to mark desired behaviors at a distance while the dog is engaged in the behavior. To disrupt an unwanted behavior, press either the #2 button on the remote, which releases a short spray (.05 sec.) of citronella, or the #3 button for a longer spray (1.5 sec.) in the direction of the collar worn by your pet.

Why this Dog training Collar is better:

Shock collars attempt to train your pet with pain. In addition to being less effective, the pain they cause may even make some behavior problems worse. And although the discomfort caused by ultra-sonic collars is not as severe as the pain of electrical shock, behavior experts observe only one-fourth the success rate as with citronella-based products.
When to use:

The Spray Commander® Remote Trainer can be used on dogs 6lbs and up. If it is necessary to use on smaller dogs, be sure to remove as soon as the training session is over. You can use Spray Commander® to teach basic commands, correct behavior problems and teach fun tricks with sound and reward.
Remote Dog Trainer

Quick Dog Training Tips

"Quick Tips" for using the Spray Commander® Remote Dog Trainer

Filling the Device:
  • Filling the device is similar to putting air in a tire - you shouldn't hear hissing sounds and shouldn't be getting spray outside the unit.
  • It takes about 30 seconds to completely fill the device. Count to 30 slowly while holding the can firmly in place.
  • When full, the reservoir contains about 15 long sprays or 25 short sprays. (Each Refill Can contains approximately 200-300 sprays.)
  • You cannot overfill the device - the pressure in the can and device will equalize.
Adjusting the Collar Strap:
  • The device should be positioned so that the spray is directed frontward under the jaw.
  • Allow 1" to 1 ½" inches of slack in the collar - this will allow gravity to keep the unit centered under the jaw (approximately 1-2 fingers under the back of the collar strap).
  • It is not necessary for the collar to be tight - the device uses a microphone to detect sound rather than physical vibrations.
  • When installing the battery, be certain that the positive and negative ends are properly aligned. See "+" and "-" symbols inside battery compartment.
  • Always remove the battery when the collar is not in use in order to prolong battery life. (The microphone will be in continual "listening" mode whenever the battery is in the unit.)
Remote Control:
  • Make sure the battery is in place.
  • Check if the collar is working by pressing the #1 key. You should hear a two-part beep.
  • The #1 button emits a tone from the spray device. Use this to reward your dog for desired behaviors. The #2 button produces a short burst of spray. The #3 button produces a longer burst of spray.
Dog Training Tips:
  • To teach a new behavior, reward your pet 100% of the time he offers you the correct response.
  • To maintain a behavior that has been learned, reward your pet on variable ratio. In other words, the rewards for desired behaviors should be given intermittently and unpredictably.
  • Timing is critical when training. If your pet is engaged in an unwanted behavior, the spray must come while the pet is performing the behavior or within 0.5 seconds of stopping the behavior. Dogs will not relate the spray to the unwanted behavior if your timing is off.
  • It is recommended that you practice your timing before using the Spray Commander on your pet. Place the device next to you while you watch TV. Choose a behavior that you are likely to see repeated by one of the characters while watching your program (i.e., a smile, a wave, walking). Everytime you see the behavior from that character, press the #1 button so you hear the tone. Practice until you are able to deliver the tone while the behavior is occurring or within half a second of it ending.
Garden Ghost Kit Garden Ghost Refill
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The natural way to reduce excessive shedding and pet allergens.
This vitamin-enriched shampoo/spray system reduces nonseasonal hair loss and airborne dander which are the primary sources of human allergies to pets. Reduces shedding quickly, usually within 3 weeks. LoShed is also effective on cats, rabbits and ferrets.

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