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Virtual Electronic Dog Containment Fence

Virtual Dog Fence ®

The Safe and Humane Outdoor Dog Containment Fence System!

Effectively keeps your dog in the yard without shock. As dog approaches underground cable, collar emits warning beep. If Fido keeps going, a harmless burst of citronella is delivered. Training video and instruction manual included.

Electric Dog Fence

Here's how the dog fence works:

The Virtual Fence® Outdoor Dog Containment System has three components: a transmitter, a spray device and an antenna (a buried wire along the established perimeter). The transmitter is plugged into a regular household power source. It generates a low-frequency radio signal that is transmitted through the buried antenna. As your pet approaches the buried antenna, the spray device will pick up the low-frequency signal. The collar will first emit a warning sound to let your dog know it has reached the boundary. Should your pet continue on, it will then receive a harmless spray. Once your pet is properly trained, he will learn to stay in the designated boundaries.

Why it's better:

The Virtual Fence® Outdoor Containment System is reliable and safe, and uses the harmless citronella spray to distract your dog from exceding the set boundaries. The transmitter will cover areas up to 25 acres, and the wire enclosed in the kit will cover 1/3 of an acre, so your dog will have plenty of area to roam free. This system is easy to install and is more economical than conventional fences. A complete instruction guide and training video is provided to walk you through installation of the system and training of your dog. Please follow training steps closely and reinforce training as needed.

When to use:

Virtual Fence® can be used with any breed of dog that weighs 6 lbs. or more and is at least 6 months old. (If your dog is smaller or younger, please check first with your veterinarian.) It is ideal for containing your dog safely in outdoor areas. It isn't a solid barrier, but is designed to act as a deterrent to remind your dog to stay in established boundaries.

Receiver Spray Collar for use with Virtual Fence only Virtual Fence Kit with Receiver Spray Collar
$108.00 $250.00
Not Currently Available Not Currently Available

Quick Tips - Virtual Dog Fence

"Quick Tips" for using the Virtual Dog Fence® Outdoor Containment Fence

Filling the Device:
  • Filling the device is similar to putting air in a tire - you shouldn't hear hissing sounds and shouldn't be getting spray outside the unit.
  • It takes about 30 seconds to completely fill the device. Count to 30 slowly while holding the can firmly in place.
  • When full, the reservoir contains about 23 sprays. (Each Refill Can contains about 300 sprays.)
  • You cannot overfill the device - the pressure in the can and device will equalize.

Adjusting the Dog Collar Strap:

  • The device should be positioned so that the spray is directed frontward under the jaw.
  • Allow 1" to 1 Ā½" inches of slack in the collar - this will allow gravity to keep the unit centered under the jaw (approximately 1-2 fingers under the back of the collar strap).
  • It is not necessary for the collar to be tight - the device uses a microphone to detect sound, rather than physical vibrations.
  • When installing the battery, be certain that the positive and negative ends are properly aligned. See "+" and "-" symbols inside battery compartment.
  • Always remove the battery when the collar is not in use in order to prolong battery life. (The microphone will be in continual "listening" mode whenever the battery is in the unit.)
  • The transmitter should be located indoors in a dry, protected area that is above 32 degrees Fahrenheit and not exposed to sun. To avoid signal interference don't install near metal objects (i.e., hot water heater, metal shelving, major appliances, breaker box, etc.).
  • Connect fence wires to appropriate terminals on the transmitter (see instructions for more details). You will know it is connected correctly when you pickup the signal from the spray collar. Choose the hook-up that gets you the most range.
  • Make sure you ground your transmitter to protect from lightening and other electrical problems. Connect a ground wire between terminal A of the transmitter and a ground rod buried at least 3 ft. in the ground.
  • Set the range by turning the range adjustment knob on the transmitter. Turning the knob to the right will increase the range and to the left will reduce the range.
  • The signal light on the transmitter is green when power is applied and no fence is connected, but it flickers red/green when a fence is connected and the system is in boundary line adjustment mode.
Dog Training Tips:
  • Training takes about 10-15 minutes a day for 14 days. With the aid of the flags, you will train your dog to recognize his designated area. During the training period, your dog should only be allowed in your yard with a leash. Let all family members participate in the training so that your dog doesn't relate training to only one member of the family.
  • Begin training by holding the spray collar in your hand and leading your dog, with a regular collar and leash, to the boundaries of the fence all the way around the yard. Pickup a boundary flag and give your dog a strong "NO" command, allowing him to hear the beeping from the spray collar. Repeat these steps several times.
  • After each session, lead your dog back to a "safe" area and praise him. Training will be tiring for your dog, so let him rest/play for a period once you have trained for 10-15 minutes.
  • Place the spray collar on your dog, leave his regular collar and leash on, and let your dog experience a "correction" by walking into the signal field all by himself. Pickup a boundary flag, and give your dog a strong "NO" command, allowing him to hear the beeping from the spray collar. Then lead him immediately back into the "safe" area and praise him. Repeat these steps several times.
  • Once you are finished with training for the day, remove the spray collar from your dog. DO NOT leave your dog alone with the collar on until he is fully trained.
  • For the next 14 days, you will repeat the above steps. Towards the 14th day, your dog should start avoiding the boundaries. When your dog shows learning progress, remove his regular leash and collar, and allow him to roam freely. Every other day, for several days, gradually begin removing the boundary flags.
  • When your dog ventures out of the boundaries, remove the spray collar, lead him back into the area and then replace the collar. Most dogs will be fully trained after 2 weeks, but monthly reinforcement training is highly recommended.
Virtual Dog Fence Wire and Flags

The Virtual Dog Fence system is sold with wire and flags to cover a 500 ft. area (approximately 1/3 acre). Should your area be larger, you can purchase additional wire and flags. Each set of wire and flags will cover an additional 500 ft. area (approximately 1/3 acre).

Not Currently Available

Retail Clamshell Package Includes 1 can and beltclip Clip Strip of 6 Retail Clamshell Packages Bulk Cans - sold only in cases of 12
$13.00 $72.00 $120.00
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